Blue Fin Sushi Bar


Our Team

Terrace 250-638-0058
  • Cindy Palmer, Owner
  • Kieran Toner, Chef & General Manager
  • Aeron Narcida, Chef & Kitchen Manager
  • Warren Palacol, Sushi Chef
  • Gino Narcida, Sushi Chef
  • Joseph Millones, Sushi Chef
  • Edward Mendoza, Sushi Chef
  • Brian Melanson, Sushi Chef
  • Angel Palacol, Floor Manager and Hostess
  • Junko Fukase, Server
  • Kimberly McEwen, Hostess & Server


We enjoyed some live music and had fabulous fish after a little while we danced and just had a great time! An absolute must if you like seafood and Sushi!

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